We take care of moving your furniture, protect, transport and according to the highest safety and quality standards in the shortest time with affordable price.

Furniture and furnishing movers and removals

Don’t panic about your furniture and your valuables, with moving professionals in Germany we guarantee that furniture, equipment, offices, libraries, collectibles, electrical appliances and plants will arrive at the new apartment or company, arranging the furniture on the spot without any damage during the move Transfer process and find solutions in case you encounter obstacles or difficulties during the transport process

How does it work?

Viewing appointment

In order for the transport costs to be calculated correctly, you must provide us with information about your location, the furniture to be transported, the destination and the number of floors. The calculation of the costs is free of charge for you.

Transport plan

After calculating the costs, we develop a plan through which we try to save effort and time and find the safest way to get the furniture out of the house.

Furniture safe

We choose the best ways to remove the furniture easily and without obstacles, we also repair damaged furniture walls, doors and floors and repair furniture in old or new place if you ask us.

"We bring your furniture, appliances and objects to you when they are nearby"

Our Services

House moving service

If you are looking to move your family to a new home and are looking for a leading, practical and excellent moving company with fair and reasonable prices that will meet all your needs in record time, then you have reached your goal.

Transport plan

An office move requires a high level of expertise and secure procedures, as we need to protect your data, documents, files and office secrets. Apart from that offices give an impression of the owner of the company or the office and that is what we work on and that is what we pay special attention to.

Transport the piano

You certainly fear for the safety of your piano, especially since it is a very delicate instrument and its movement requires special care, not to mention the occasional sentimental value. With us you don't have to worry about the piano, we have a team of skilled workers experienced in moving delicate instruments.

garbage disposal

When you move from one house to another or from one business to another, there can be a large amount of waste and you can count on us to dispose of it in an environmentally responsible manner.

Repair and painting service

We can help you renovate and fix flaws where you leave, repaint the walls and even repair and paint the walls of your new destination even before you bring the furniture there.

Set up a no-parking zone

Establishing a no stopping zone saves effort, time and money and ensures a faster transition. So we're working on creating "pause" stopover zones while your transition is complete.

Speed in performance

We have a qualified and trained team that can complete the process of dismantling, installation, loading and transportation within the specified time.The service includes the relocation of offices, furniture, electronic equipment and their electronic and paper archives, precisely and safely without Damage.

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